GURU is first and foremost the famous six-petal daisy born in Parma in 1999.
Its history is now well established: born in the golden age of TV starlets, footballers, parties, gossip, music… in a world with high hopes for the second millennium.
It is already a fashion phenomenon. In 2006, GURU even entered the world of Formula 1 by becoming a sponsor of the Renault team, the same year the team won the world championship.


GURU is a bridge between generations, linking rebellious and childish spirit through its colorful and cheeky visual identity that awakens memories and provokes emotions.
After a few years away from the media scene, GURU is back presenting itself as the positive thought, combining its old style with a new one, made of colors and lightness.


Our new collections are created by a pool of designers from the leisure and sportswear sector. They have been called upon to interpret the contemporary visual codes of the street-chic style through artistic experiments and complex applications. These new pieces are made with the most modern production techniques and always in the best quality, proper to the values of “Made In Italy”.

GURU’s daisy is the protagonist of the summer 2022! From the beaches of Formentera with the collaboration of local Chezz Gerdì or from the mountains of Prato Nevoso as the main sponsor of the concerts of La Rossa Music Festival, GURU is increasingly present. But beyond the world of nightlife, the brand continues to expand its horizons by accompanying also the Team GSM in the GT3 Europa Challenge.

GURU is a story that never ends. It is the result of a rare convergence between aesthetic, empathetic and value factors that, over time, have found a stable and indelible balance in the minds of consumers, continuing to transmit a positive, participatory and familiar feeling.